Central Texas Tournament News
EVENT 01 03072023
EVENT 01 03072023

EVENT 01 03072023

An exciting new season has begun with new rules applied, additional new tournament equipment, a new organizational plan in place, the launch of a new newsletter GETTHENET.NEWS, a new incentive to win a $100 cash prize at the end of the evening, NEW 3X9 T-Shirts for sale and a huge new list of sponsors to support us.  The GREAT ESCAPE ROOM in Killeen. KILLEEN AUTO, ACADEMY SPORTS AND OUTDOORS, and FIBER FIRST are this years’ key sponsors with the help of many other local business supporters. 

FIRST PLACE: Garrett Hennig & Brandon McQueen 18.94 lbs.  

SECOND PLACE: Danny Langley & J. Gonzales 17.97 lbs. 

THIRD PLACE: Cory Zahn & John Guerra 17.90 lbs. 

FOUTH PLACE: Donnie Mathes & Tim Rake 16.47 lbs. 

FIFTH PLACE: Levi Green & Perry Dixon 15.32 lbs. 

SIXTH PLACE: Skylar Carothers & Canyon Carothers 15.29 lbs. 

BIG BASS: Dennis Keating & Robert Cruff 9.86 lbs. 

Three 9 pounders caught: 9.13 and 9.09 lbs. 

EVENING DRAW WINNER: Ben Sargent (not Present) roll-over to next week – $200