Central Texas Tournament News
EVENT 03 03212023
EVENT 03 03212023

EVENT 03 03212023

WEEK 3 03212023 

Tonight, it was soggy wet from time of launch to time scales closed. Not a hard rain, but a continuous dampness with a kicking breeze.  Not your most enjoyable of fishing conditions, but sixty-one boats turned out to be on the water gave testimony that the 3×9 draws the hardiest of anglers. Hoping to see real rain soon, one week in the future could test their constitution even further. The 3×9 will only cancel if conditions are unsafe, so if there is not the threat of severe winds or the concern for lightning, do not ask if the tournament is still planned. 

When conditions are less than optimal, there is always a chance of mishap on the water as there was tonight. We had one boat run aground. This was a veteran angler with years of experience on this lake, so if it could happen to someone knowledgeable of the area, well we hope it happens to no one. No one was hurt, but with water levels being extremely low not only here, but throughout Texas, extra precaution needs to be on your front-of-mind awareness as additional hazards are appearing like tree stumps in otherwise common boat lanes, and or course as in this instance, no water where otherwise thought there ought to be. 

This weeks’ winners were Bob Babcock and David Kipp with 20.52 lbs. Second Place was Marty Roberts and Jay Stidham with 17.70lbs. Third Place was Bill Blisard and Mike Carroll with 17.42 lbs. 

Big Bass was 9.83 lbs. Caught by M. Roberts and J. Stidham. There were three fish of note weighing 9.83, 9.60 and 8.74, so that just goes to show, the fish do not care how wet you get, welcome to their world. Green backs for these green fish are still the pursuit for these anglers and hope to continue seeing the great turnouts in the weeks that follow.