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EVENT 05 04042023
EVENT 05 04042023

EVENT 05 04042023

3×9 Week 05 04042023 

With recent high winds and tornado activity over the past weekend, today’s tournament was on high alert, but the wind never exceeded 20 mph, so the launch went as scheduled. Fifty-two turned out to try to repeat last week’s awesome weights. 

Overcast skies and winds from the south, clear water and 68 degrees surface temp., it seemed right for some excellent fishing. Boats lined up and the launch was quick.  

Coming into the scales, it was anyone’s guess as to how it would be paid out. The top five bags were well over eighteen pounds, but no repeat from the week before, however it was a close match for Big Bass. 8.98, 8.97, and 8.96lbs kept the crowd waiting until the very last bag was weighed in. 

Josh Gibbons and Dylan Marshall took the win with 19.45lbs. Along with their Big Bass for the evening 8.98lbs. Donnie Mathes and Tim Rake came in Second with 19.21lbs. And B.J. Carothers and Thomas Wells in Third with 18.21 

AS the night drew to an end, the wind started kicking up. The tournament tent was not put up for that reason and this made tearing down quicker but only marginally. Just another evening of fun and fishing at the 3×9.  Overall results can be viewed on the centexfishing.com website along with a list of our sponsors that help make this happen. Tonight’s drawing for $100 went to B.J Carothers of Carothers Homes, another one of many great sponsors of the 3×9.