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EVENT 06 04112023
EVENT 06 04112023

EVENT 06 04112023

3X9 Week 06 04112023 

The days leading up to this event have been overcast with the occasional threat of light rain. Today, it began with a bluebird sky and set for a high of 75 degrees. Typical pleasant April weather with a light wind from the south and without rain, however we desperately need it. Cumulus Clouds peppered the skies at launch time, and it was a beautiful start to the evening. This past weekend on Stillhouse, the Daryl Braham Benefit proved the bite is on as the first three places were over twenty-five pounds but remains to be seen by tonight’s outcome. 

The launch went well as 61 boats lined up properly with limited lag in getting to the no wake buoys. 3×9 Anglers are getting better at preparing for a seamless launch so everyone has as much time to fish as possible. Boat Number One jumped the gun but was chalked up to a miscommunication. We hope each week shows improvement in this. Lake level is still critical and additional safety should be used in returning to the weigh-in after dark. It is with great concern that we have a safe week each week and would like to emphasize checking in as you get off the water regardless of your intentions not to be present at the scales. 

Tonight’s event was expected to be as exciting as in previous weeks and the outcome did not let us down. BIG BASS for the evening was 9.60lbs. caught by Chris Tatum and his son Justin of Hartman Pest Control and one of our sponsors of the 3×9. They also took First Place with an overall weight of 20.13lbs. Showing their talent consistently by being placed high on the board or bringing in a big bass for monetary consideration make them the driving force for Anglers of the Year. They were AOY for last season, and they are setting the bar high early in this season for others to follow. Second Place was Billy Ford and William Lynch with 18.72lbs. Third Place was Donnie Mathes and Tim Rake, another highly competitive team with 17.54lbs. And that’s how it was this week at the 3×9. 

Three nine pounders provided proof positive that the bite is still good as we enter the prespawn period of the season. Let us see how many more weeks we have of fascinating fishing before the bite starts to lighten the sack weights.  

Special Thanks goes out to all our volunteers that help put on the 3×9. Some come from as far as Robinson and Kempner. Week after week, these volunteers give their personal time and significant effort to ensure that the 3×9 is prepped, operated and packed up for another week of enjoyment for our local anglers. And Thanks goes out to all the sponsors that provide their support for this magnificent. 

Joke of the Week: What type of music should you listen to while fishing… …something catchy! Yuk Yuk! 

Full results are posted on www.centexfishing.com and on The Tuesday Night Fishing Tournament Facebook Page. Until next week, Tightlines. 

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