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EVENT 07 04182023
EVENT 07 04182023

EVENT 07 04182023

3X9  WEEK 7 04182023 

It was windy at the 3×9 tonight. From the launch to include throughout the breakdown of the weigh-in. Not severe but progressively stiff, the wind just would not lie down; however, this did not affect the weights brought into the scales. Places 2,3,4 with eighteen plus pounds and Places 5,6,7,8 with sixteen plus pounds. TONIGHT’S WINNER was Floyd and Vickie Lesiker with 21.16 lbs. including Big Bass of the evening, a 9.90 lbs.  

Tonight, was no different than most nights at the 3×9 but after the Lesikers were posted on the board, it was evident to most that the show was over. Most nights, the line doesn’t get deep until the last fifteen minutes before the scales close and most nights the excitement isn’t over until the last bag is weighed. Official time for closing the scales is 9:45p.m. I mention this because there was quite the chatter in the line as these anglers knew at this point, there was no win in sight and that they were only weighing in for points, not a payout. 

Talking with Ms. Vickie when asked who caught the big one, she said. “I caught all three. I said, Lord let this be my first Double Digit!” Well Ms. Vickie, you might not have caught your “DD”, but you did single-handedly lead the field by three pounds. Congratulations! What a great moment and wish you and Floyd the best in a repeat performance in the many weeks remaining in the 3×9. 

Coming in Second was Adrian and Daniel Barnes weighing 18.71 lbs. Not a win but will push their AOY Standing from fifth place to the next level or two. Taking Third Place was Spenser Arredondo and Preston Ellis with 18.66 lbs. 

Tonight, was not a typical night due to the wind but it did remain dry as there was the threat of rain. We are hoping for rain before the decision is made to close the lake because of its low level. This is a high probability, and we will need this rain within the next several weeks but until then congratulations to Floyd and Vikki on their Win and to all that upped their standings.   

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