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EVENT 08 04252023
EVENT 08 04252023

EVENT 08 04252023

3X9 WEEK 8 04252023 

The entire day leading up to the launch was filled with anticipation as there was early concern for advisory for possible thunderstorms. With low clouds laying in the sky most of the day prevented the early announcement of cancelation. As it was, we launched with comfort for our angler’s safety, but it did rain before the scales closed. Like water rolling off a duck’s back, it was nice to have recently sprayed camp dry on your jacket, but nothing more than that. This season has been plagued with cool or wet weather every Tuesday, but not what you would consider a month of April showers. We still desperately need rain to replenish the current lake levels and I am sure everyone would gladly give up a week of fishing to accommodate this much needed rain. 

Tonight’s outcome was hard fishing for most and a welcome change for some. Trent and Shane Stafford of Floor Co. Surplus Flooring took the win for a break in the less than consistent success they enjoyed last season. Coming to the scales with 19.97 lbs. which included a nice 8.58 kicker; however, the kicker was not good enough to hold Big Bass of the evening. That was reserved for Billy Ford and William Lynch as they caught an 8.83. These two eight pounders danced around the average weight of 8.33 x 3= the twenty-five-pound sack that Tightlines offered to match first place winning had anyone been fortunate enough to bring to the scales. 

Coming in Second Place, Charlie Gantenbein weighed in with 18.15 lbs. Charlie is a hard one to get to smile, but put three respectable fish in his hands, a camera in his face, and a little prodding to raise his upper lip and you get a photo of a pretty-happy angler. 

Coming in Third Place with 17.73 lbs. We have Garrett Hennig and Brandon McQueen, one of our several consistent anglers of any season. Same can be said of David Kipp and Justin Rogers, Danny Langley and Clint Wright, also of Floor Co., Eric and Zane Washburn, and Donnie Mathes and Tim Rake, all placing in succession this evening.  

Tonight’s sponsor shoutout goes to Floor Co Surplus Flooring and More. The 3×9 is heavily comprised of business owners and tradesmen that in my experience are at the top of their game both at work and at play. If you are in search of a particular product or in need of quality service, I suggest you start with a bass angler. Bass fishing is a highly technical sport, and that expertise can also be found in their work ethic. Same holds true with Floor Co. As their team is filled with professionals that can supply you with the flooring that you will be proud of. Check them out at 5812 S. General Bruce Dr. In Temple, TX.    (254) 727-4061