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EVENT 16 06202023
EVENT 16 06202023

EVENT 16 06202023

WEEK 16 06202023 

Inclement weather is generally associated with the wet and the cold and fair-weathered fishermen are those that avoid fishing in such conditions. Well tonight was not wet and definitely not cold in the middle of June in Central Texas, but there was the absence of many fair-weathered fishermen all the same. As the temperatures rose, it was still a sweltering 107 degrees at 8:00 p.m. at the 3×9. Truthfully, those in attendance are to be recognized for their devotion to this sport. With hot weather upon us and in the forecast for weeks to come, it looks like the possibility of rain might be out of the question as lake levels continue to lower to the extent that the end of the ramp might be deemed unusable before the season is over. 

Tonight’s winners were Keith and Grayson Honeycutt. This duo brought over twenty-five pounds to the scales with three fish just a few weeks ago, but as the heat continues to push the fish elsewhere, trophy size fish are exceedingly rare as the winners were only able to muster 16.85 with a 7.84 lbs. kicker. Only two seven-pound fish were weighed in tonight as the rest of the field of contestants were in the fifteen, thirteen and twelve-pound range. 

With the continuation of the 3×9, year in and year out, has created a tight community of anglers. When something happens to one of us, it brings things into perspective. We hear of a person’s passing and we pray for their families. When a fellow angler falls ill, we surround them with fellowship. When accidents happen, we concern ourselves for their well-being. We should all give grace for the opportunity to be included in such a community, and that as anglers, we feel a greater closeness towards those we might not have had the opportunity to meet as well as those we have had the pleasure of. There is an angler that has been involved with the 3×9 for many years that is currently distressed, and our prayers go out to him and his family. Know this about yourself as an angler. Fishing is a hallmark. You have chosen an activity that surrounds you with concern for your well-being and is a pillar to your foundation in life.  

We hope all our anglers of the 3×9 feel the same way about this comment, because we can be a bunch of ruthless, self-centered patoots and it is situations like this that bring us closer together and bring perspective to our lives. We wish all well to everyone; however, life continues to remind us that we are only a small part of a greater circle of concern that comes from many. May your prayers be heard for this fellow angler,  fore one day, many anglers’ prayers will be heard for you.