Central Texas Tournament News
WEEK THREE  031924


Dana Peak will remain the launch and weigh-in location for the remainer of the season unless the Corps allows us to return to the upper parking lot of the marina.

The winning weight continued to creep up and additional pound each week. This week’s winners, Dexter Thompson and Craig Gilbert won with 16.11 lbs., Second PLace was Justin Rogers and Bobby Babcock with 15.97 lbs. Paul and Kessler Stokes took third with 13.73 lbs.

Forty-eight boats were launched and returned safely. There was a pre-launch announcement made about using lights in darkness. It was reported earlier that there was a near-miss collision the previous week when someone was fishing without their lights on while fishing in the boat lane/channel. Regardless of where you are fishing, your 360 light needs to be on and visible.

FISHING CONDITIONS: Clear skies and sunny, Temp. started at 60 degrees and dropped through the evening. Wind was 5-10 mph. out of the North. Water Temp 63.