Central Texas Tournament News
WEEK FOUR  032624
WEEK FOUR 032624

WEEK FOUR 032624

Donnie Mathes and Tim Rake took the win with 18.71lbs including Big Bass 7.92lbs.
Cris and Justin Tatum came in Second Place with 14.67 lbs.
Dillion and Cody Peters Third with 14.42 lbs.

It was sunny at the launch time and a pleasant 68 degrees. Once the sun went down, the temp fell to nearly 40 degrees. Wind was a calm 0-5 mph. Water was mostly clear and water temp around 63 degrees.

Fifty boats participated in the event.

The launch was conducted as safe as possible; however, this is becoming increasingly difficult because as many as three boats took off simultaneously. we need to be more concerned about safety than fishing. SAFETY FIRST!