Central Texas Tournament News
WEEK ONE                                                                                                                   03/05/24
WEEK ONE 03/05/24

WEEK ONE 03/05/24

It is the first week of the season and Stillhouse has been fishing well in the pre-season. Before we begin the write-up of tonight’s results, I would like to recognize our to Title Sponsors. This season’s new sponsor, Jersey Mike’s and returning Sponsor, Killeen Auto for their outstanding support. Jersey Mike’s is a great sub shop with several locations in the local area with fresh slices daily of your choice and a great meal to take with you on the lakeJersey Mike’s will also be at several of our tournaments to support us and to promote their great meals. Killeen Auto is our returning sponsor. This year, they are offering contingency money to the winner that have recently purchased a new vehicle.

The weather is sunny and clear, with a mild breeze of 5 to 10 mph. The air temperature is 78°F and the water temperature is 65°F. The water is clear and transparent.

Tonight, will be the one and only tournament held before daylight-savings-time. Due the Maina being closed, the upper parking lot has been blocked off, so we would like to remind you that parking will be tight. The tournament trailer will be positioned in the pavilion parking lot until further notice. Forty-nine boats tonight, one being a pontoon. George Egbert, not knowing anything about fishing, but wanted to indulge into his son’s passion for fishing. His son, William, is a beginner angler experiencing his first tournament. Possibly, we will see these more of these two in the future as they pounder getting a bass boat Many father/son teams have populated the ranks of the 3×9 each season Perhaps these two will become true competitors in the future.

Tonight’s winners are Canyon and Skylar Carothers Bringing to the scales a 10.20lbs. Big Bass of the evening accompanied by another fish providing the winning weight of 14.88lbs.

Keith and Grayson Honeycutt took Second Place with 13.84 while Donnie Mathes and Tim Rake brought in 13.43lbs. for Third Place.